Aimgod Task Manager
Product Design

Aimgod is a task manager web App for desktop. It helps entrepreneurs, managers and students to manage their time and create a deep focus. 

The problem: most of the task-managers are too complicated and boring. They looks more like calendars or strange old-school designed planners. 

The solution: user can create and navigate through a short to-do lists and focusing points, sorting them on a different spheres. The UI looks futuristic, with a bunch of options. But still not overloaded.

UX/UI design process

I have made this App from scratch. The first step was a UX Research, then I interviewed people from a different niches, made Workshops with designers, engineers and potential customers. 

The next stage was creating Information architecture, User flow and Prototyping. 

Next was User Testing and many iterations. Then I made hight-fidelity UI design for all the screens and we went to a development stage.

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